The Video Factory

   A New Dimension in Video Entertainment


Company Profile

The Video Factory is the Movie Production and Video Distribution arm of ANG Communications, Inc.  ANG Communications, Inc. was founded in 1991 by Steve Miller in Fort Wayne, Indiana.  It operated as Do-It-Yourself VIDEO (DIYV) providing video production services for 13 years.  In 2005, ANG Communications, Inc. made a paradigm shift from video production services to VideoMovie production and distribution, and began operating as The Video Factory.


Mission Statement

The Mission of The Video Factory is to Develop, Produce and Distribute entertaining VideoMovies for the Home Video Market.


The Product

The VideoMovie is an entertainment source that combines traditional movie making with Digital Video Technology.  VideoMovies are directly distributed to home video consumers either on DVD, by web streaming, or on cable television.  Video Movies produced by The Video Factory are contemporary dramas for mature audiences.  These VideoMovies offer entertainment that differs from much of the movie and television entertainment produced by other companies.  VideoMovies produced by The Video Factory do not follow a specific “formula”, nor are there specific “types” of characters.  Buildings don’t blow up, and cars don’t race through the streets being chased by the police.  Instead, VideoMovies produced by The Video Factory focus on the human element, focusing on how adults deal with the drama of everyday life.  The stories are entertaining, thought-provoking, and appeal to a wide audience.

"Video Dipped in Soul" was launched in 2007 as the Internet distribution outlet for VideoMovies from The Video FactoryViewers are able to download our movies directly to their computer, television, or portable digital device.


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