The Video Factory

Company Profile

The Video Factory is the Movie Production and Video Distribution arm of ANG Communications, Inc.  ANG Communications, Inc. was founded in 1991 by Steve Miller in Fort Wayne, Indiana and operated as Do-It-Yourself VIDEO (DIYV) providing video production services from July, 1991 until February, 2005 when the company made a paradigm shift from video production services to movie production and distribution, and began operating as The Video Factory.


Mission Statement

The Mission of The Video Factory is to Develop, Produce and Distribute entertaining Video and Movies for the On Demand Video Market.

"Movies Dipped in Soul" was launched in 2007 as the Internet distribution outlet for streaming movies produced by The Video Factory. Video Network

In 2022, The Video Factory launched Video Network an on demand streaming network for the video channels under The Video Factory umbrella.


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