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The Twenty Year History

July 11, 1991 ~ July 11, 2011

 On Thursday, July 11, 1991 a new business called Do-It-Yourself VIDEO opened at 422 Southgate Plaza in Fort Wayne, Indiana.  Steve Miller started the company with the premise of providing Video Production Services to the public and businesses.  People would be able to come to DIYV and edit their VHS videotapes, have duplicates of their videotapes made, and do simple productions.


In 1991 the video industry was booming.  The advent of the camcorder had made  it easy for anyone who wanted to to shoot and produce video.  The home video market had blown up as evidenced by television shows like “America’s Funniest Videos”.  So the timing was right to provide a facility not only for personal video production, but also for business video production.


Over the last twenty years DIYV (renamed The Video Factory in 2005) has provided video services at all levels.  The company has done video work for most major corporations in Fort Wayne including the City of Fort Wayne, itself.   Hundreds of small businesses and manufacturers in Northeast Indiana have used services provided by DIYV to create training videos and product promotion videos.  And several not-for-profit organizations have used DIYV services to produce videos for fundraising and community awareness.  On the home video side,  DIYV has provided countless birthday videos, wedding videos, anniversary videos, and graduation videos.  If you’ve lived in Northeast Indiana over the last twenty years, there’s a good probability that you have seen a video provided by DIYV/The Video Factory.


In the early 2000’s video transformed from analog to digital and people were able to create videos right on their home computers.  That meant DIYV had to make adjustments to respond to changing market demands.  One of those adjustments was to change the name of the company in 2005 from Do-It-Yourself VIDEO to The Video Factory, and begin producing and distributing VideoMovies.


In 2005, The Video Factory released its first VideoMovie and in 2007 the company began distributing its movies online via  Today, The Video Factory has produced and released three movies, and is in pre-production for several other projects.  While DIYV/The Video Factory has been successful offering video services over that last twenty years, the company is poised to  become a unique and respected video entertainment company during the next decade.


Following are highlights of the twenty year history that is Do-It-Yourself VIDEO/The Video Factory:


*  July 11, 1991- Do-It-Yourself VIDEO opens its doors at 422 Southgate Plaza.   The 

    first and only customer that day was a woman who needed a copy of her wedding

    video for her divorce settlement.


*  October, 1992- Began transferring 8mm film, photos and slides to videotape.


*  June, 1995- Moved from Southgate Plaza to Southtown Mall.


*  July, 1996- Celebrated five years in business.


*  September, 1996- Began DIYV NewsCopy service with WPTA-TV, 21 Alive.   

    The service provides copies of news stories to viewers.


*  February, 1997- Introduced DIYV Business Video Solutions.  DIYV-BVS was an

    exclusive Consulting Service for small businesses and manufacturers.


*  July, 2001- DIYV celebrates ten years in business.


*  January, 2003- Moved from Southtown Mall to Worthman Office Mall on Fairfield



*  January, 2005- Changed the company name from Do-It-Yourself VIDEO to The

    Video Factory.


*  January, 2005- Released “What We Had Is What We Had” and distributed VHS and

    DVD copies though local video stores.


*  March, 2007- Launched new website


*  November, 2007- Released “The Marriage Contract”, distributed DVD online.


*  October, 2008- Released “Never Going to Give Him UP!” and distributed DVD



*  June, 2009- Began DIYV NewsCopy service with WFFT-TV, Channel 55.


*  December, 2009- Began offering movie downloads on demand  at


*  July, 2011- DIYV/The Video Factory celebrates 20 years in business.


         The Video Factory 20 Year Anniversary         The Video Factory 20 Year Anniversary

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The Video Factory 20 Year Anniversary



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