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We all know the stories about how people fear giving a speech.  And the reality is, being nervous when giving a speech is natural.  The key, however, is to control the nerves and not let the nerves control you.  One of the best ways to do that is to be prepared.  The nerves don’t completely go away, but if you prepare well, and practice hard, the nervousness diminishes, and you become a more effective public speaker.

PUBLIC SPEAKING?  I Can Do That! is a training video that takes you through the process of Preparing a presentation, gives you skills to use when Practicing a presentation, and provides useful tips for Presenting your presentation effectively.

PUBLIC SPEAKING?  I Can Do That! keeps it simple by taking you step-by-step through the preparation of a business presentation. You’ll learn how to analyze your audience; how to develop your main points, how to create an effective outline to guide you through the presentation; and how to organize your support material.  The information is presented in a conversational format that is easy to follow and understand.

So there’s no need to be afraid of public speaking.  PUBLIC SPEAKING?  I Can Do That! empowers you to control the nerves, and gives you the skills to prepare, practice and present effective presentations.

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