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When I’m writing a movie script, I usually have several ways that I can finish a scene.  Now I’m giving those of you who fancy yourselves as writers an opportunity to share some of your creativity.  The working title for the script is “Colby and Monterae”, which is the story of a mature, educated couple, with a sanitary marriage that is void of sexual activity. You can read the opening scene of “Colby and Monterae” at  Click on the “Discussion Page”, read the scene, then email me your ideas about what should happen next.  I look forward to your input.

 Note:  This exercise is for Entertainment Purposes only.  No contractual obligations, compensation, awards, or any other consideration is implied by participating.



Colby and Monterae Barrett have been married for thirteen years.  They met when they were both in their late twenties, and dated for eighteen months before tying the knot.  They have no children, something they agreed to before getting married.  Their marriage is a practical arrangement not only based on love, trust, and respect, but also rich in practicalism, rationale, and logic.

Colby works as an Aeronautical Electrical Engineer for a aircraft engine manufacturer.  An intelligent and thoughtful person, Colby works hard to maintain strength and balance in mind, body, and soul.  Monterae is the Director of Technical Communications for a cable television company.  A wise and respected person, Monterae also maintains an excellent physical, mental, and spiritual fitness.  The couple lives comfortably in a four bedroom home in the heart of the city.

For the last year and a half, Colby and Monterae have maintained a very strong bond in all aspects of their relationship except for sexual intimacy.  They have had several discussions over the eighteen months, but no resolution has been developed to create a true sexual interest.  The reality is that sex has never played a significant role in their relationship even at the beginning.  They’ve enjoyed intimacy over the years, but it never was a priority; and now it is more of an afterthought than anything else.  Both agree that counseling will not make a difference.

Three months ago Marcus Bush started working with Monterae as an Assistant Operations Manager.  Two years out of college, Marcus is energetic and hardworking, and has garnered a lot of attention from women at the cable company.  Having to work together on a daily basis, Monterae and Marcus have developed a respectful relationship, however Monterae has found herself becoming occasionally aroused when Marcus, twenty years her junior, is in her presence. 

Neither Monterae nor Colby has ever “stepped outside” their marriage.


It is Wednesday evening.  Monterae and Colby are seated at the kitchen table having just finished dinner.  They are seated across from each other, sipping water as they talk about various topics.  Monterae brings up the topic of sex. 


           Have you had any sexual desires lately?





          Well I have.

Colby puts his glass of water down on the table.


          Really!  Like what?


          I don’t know.  It’s just that lately

          I sometimes get an urge, an itch.


          You haven’t said anything to me.


          Well, it’s usually gone by time I get home.


          Someone at work turning you on?


          I don’t really know.

There is a short pause.


          Have you ever considered having sex

          with another woman?


          I can’t say I’ve actually thought about

          having sex with another woman, but

          I will admit that occasionally I see

          a woman that is sexually attractive.


          That’s fair.


               (somewhat defensively)

          But I’ve never gone beyond looking.  I

          mean I might say “hi” but that’s it.

Monterae pauses as if she’s trying to get the words just right.


          What would you say if I asked permission

          to have a sexual encounter with another



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