I believe that the Creator has given each of us a Purpose.  And I believe that the journey of Life we travel is all designed for us to find and fulfill that Purpose; understanding that none of us knows the Plan, but we simply are required to live each day to itís fullest.

To that end, I would like to pose some questions that I think may help you as you discover or solidify your Purpose.

   1.  What are three Positive things about you?

  2.  What is your most unique characteristic?

  3.  What are three of your Accomplishments?

  4.  What is your ideal job or career?  Why?

  5.  Do you own or want to own your business?

  6.  What job, career, or position would you do even if you didnít get paid?

  7.  How much money would it take for you to take a job that you absolutely hated for one year?

  8.  Who are the most important people in Your world?

  9.  Are those people part of your Purpose?

10.  Do you do something everyday to find or fulfill your Purpose?

There are many other questions that could be asked, but the point is that we all should be doing something everyday to show appreciation to the Creator for this life that has been given us.  Everyday that we awake is a another day to achieve.  Your Purpose need not be grandiose nor designed to change the world.  Maybe your Purpose is simply to Care for those who Care for you, but until you seek It and find It, you will never know It.  Find and fulfill your Purpose.